A Healthy Pet is a Happy Pet

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It is important that in addition to love and attention, your pets are kept healthy and safe year-round. Here are a few useful tips to keep your furry friends feeling their best.

1. Make sure your pet’s vaccinations are current. Keep records filed somewhere you can easily find them. Set a calendar reminder to help you keep track of when they are due.

2.  Does your pet have a collar with a name tag and your contact information on it? Make sure your pet has your current phone number and address on their name tag so if they get lost they can easily be returned.

3. Give them regular exercise. Just like us our pets need exercise. Not only does it help your pet maintain a healthy weight they are happy spending time with you chasing a ball or Frisbee or running around at a dog park.

For more tips on keeping your pets healthy contact your veterinarian for advice and information.

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